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Named person for Summer holidays


As part of the Getting It Right For Every Child approach each child or young person is allocated a Named Person. Although, most children will receive all the support they need from their own families and community, we have a legal obligation to make available an identified Named Person for every child and young person in our care. In Secondary, a member of the Guidance team is usually the Named Person. During the holiday period the Named Person Service will be covered by the Local Authority centrally. The Duty Named Persons can be contacted through the general enquiries line on 01343 563374 or via the generic e-mail address
As always if the Named Person is not available and there is a concern for a child, a call must be made to the Children and Families Access Team on 01343 554370 (08457 565 656 out of office hours) and/or the Police on 101.

Pupil Notes


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Pupil Notes 18.06.19

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Pupil Notes 19.06.19

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Pupil Notes Archive

National Book Tokens


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National Book Tokens

Children and Young People Mental Health Resources List for Schools, Parents/Carers & Pupils


Please read this resource list to to find excellent resources on mental health issues affecting children and young people today.

Moray School Librarians and Partners – Pupil Wellbeing Survey


Stress and anxiety are serious mental wellbeing issues affecting pupils throughout schools across the country. The daily pressures of life for each young person can affect their ability to reach their goals or even make it difficult to set goals. How we manage stress is deeply personal but a project has been set up in an attempt to make help more visible for young people in schools across Moray. 
Moray School Librarians and Partners have won a bid to further raise awareness of strategies that can help tackle anxiety and stress for young people. In order to begin working to develop these strategies, a baseline survey will need to be filled out by all S3 pupils, parents and also school staff. This survey will be revisited near the end of the project.
We would be grateful if all S3 pupils and their parents/carers could complete the following surveys by the end of term.

Sponsored Walk 14/09/2018


The sponsored walk runs every year and is an important part of the school calendar – supporting young people’s and staff well being.

The sponsored walk always happens in September and this is the first year we have completed it on a Friday with our shortened day length.

The sponsored walks gives pupils and all colleagues time to enjoy our beautiful catchment area together and to challenge themselves to what is a considerable walk.

This year as ever the sponsored walk was a huge success and everyone involved had a great day.

The money that is raised, and we appreciate any support families can give us, goes towards enriching the school curriculum and providing resources and activities that would otherwise not be possible for us to support.

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Battlefields Trip 2018/19


This year the school took a trip to the Ypres Salient Battlefields in Belgium. We explored through trenches, bunkers and craters left behind from WW1. The Ypres Salient was set up by the British, French, Candian and Belgium Allies to defend against the German invasion. The first battle of Ypres was on the 19th of October 1914 and the final battle ended almost exactly four years later on the 2nd of October 1918 just 40 days before the end of the war. The five major battles endured in Ypres led to huge casualities from both the Allies and the German side and is estimated at over 1.2 million casualities.

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