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Religious & Moral Education


An overall aim in Speyside High School is to help pupils to examine, clarify, and reconsider, where appropriate, their personal attitudes and values. This is achieved through a range of structured pupil experiences in different sub-jects, through the personal and social education programme, through assemblies and through involvement in the life of the school and extra-curricular activities.

In common with other Moray schools, we are committed to multicultural and anti-racist education. We actively promote values related to perseverance, achievement, co-operation, community and global awareness, and social responsibility. We believe in the personal value and unique contribution of every student, and place great emphasis on the quality of relation-ships amongst and between staff and pupils. Please also see the sections of this booklet on Aims of the School, Religious Education, Guidance and School Chaplain. Parents have a right, on grounds of conscience, to withdraw their son or daughter from religious observance or religious education. If this is your wish we would ask you to discuss the matter with your child’s Guidance Teacher before coming to a final decision.