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A Message from Play Aberlour

on Mon, 12/03/2018 - 19:48

PlayAberlour Recreation Survey ~ online at

(PlayAberlour SCIO SC047670 - February / March 2018

PlayAberlour is a new charity formed directly from last year's very successful Planning for Real process. (There's a link on our website to the resulting Community Action Plan, which also explains how the open consulting process worked.)

The people of Aberlour clearly said they would like Alice Littler Park to be improved and made accessible for all, and for places to be found for other kinds of recreational and social activities.

Members of the community have volunteered to help make these wishes come true, and now we're ready for more input from you on exactly how you want it. This survey is the first step as we work to re-design and re-create our community recreation facilities. 

We are keen to hear from locals (both within and outwith Aberlour; visitors too) about your highest hopes and dreams for play and fun in our village.


The survey can be found online


A paper copy of this survey has been delivered to every house in Aberlour. Additional copies (including large print) are available at the library, which is also where paper surveys should be returned. Deadline is March 15th. 

Thank you! ~ PlayAberlour~